Your will is extremely important. A well drafted will and a thoughtfully planned out estate can save thousands of dollars.

Have you ever asked yourself, how prepared am I for the future?  I certainly have.

In considering the future, most people plan for  retirement savings, paying off debt, paying off the mortgage and providing for family or other dependents.  But most people do not get around to drafting up a Will or Enduring Power of Attorney or a Personal Directive.

Did you know that if you lose the capacity to make decisions and you do not have an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Personal Directive, then you must start a Court application to have an Attorney and Agent appointed to make decisions for you? 

It could take months to have the Court hear your matter and appoint someone.  Meanwhile the burden of paying for your obligations will fall on family members or your partner/spouse and healthcare decisions could cause strife in the family as no one knows what you would have wanted or who is to make the final decisions.

This is easily avoided if you have an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Personal Directive.  These documents will ensure that if you should be unable to make your own decisions, your Attorney and Agent will be able to pay your bills, instruct your healthcare provider and work with your executor to carry out your last wishes in your Will. Your family and dependents will be comforted knowing you have a plan in place when you cannot speak for yourself.  This is especially important for divorced or blended families.

Your Will is also very important. A well drafted Will and a thoughtfully planned out estate can save thousands of dollars because your wishes are well outlined and explained so hopefully any expensive litigation is not considered by those left behind.

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